My Parents' Divorce Made Me Who I Am Today

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Looking back at my past, I recall my mother and father’s relationship as if it were yesterday. I am only four years old, small and curious; I tended to walk around my home aimlessly. I would climb book shelves like a mountain explorer venturing through the Himalayans, draw on walls to open windows to my own imagination, or run laps around the living room rug because to me I was an Olympic track star competing for her gold medal; however my parents did not enjoy my rambunctious imagination. My parents never punished me for it but would blame each other for horrible parenting skills; at the time I did not understand their fights, but instead was curious about why they would fight. In elementary school, I would escape to…show more content…
He stared at me and I at him. Then proceeded to explain to me what had happened. Apparently my mother came home right before my father left to pick up my little sister from school. They fought as usual, however, this time she confessed; my mother had been cheating on my father. That then and there my father, heart sinking into despair, decided it was time for a divorce. The following months a winter, cold and gloomy, surrounded the house. My grandmother came to stay with us since my father had fallen into depression and needed help taking care of my sister and I. When my grandmother went grocery shopping my sister would struggle with homework without my grandmother’s help. One day when my grandmother left to go grocery shopping my sister approached me, which was unusual of her since its very rare for her to come to me. Her dark brown hair and big eyes reminded me of my self when I was younger. “I’m hungry” she complained, a question she’s never asked me. My father sleeping and my grandmother away, I was the only one left to take care of her and that terrified me. I had never cared for or known how to care for someone else. All I knew was how to evaluate whether or not someone was caring for another correctly. Finally, as if in an instance something sparked in my brain, I realized that the change I had hoped for in my family finally came. I was just too blind by the depression that followed the divorce that it took my helpless
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