My Parents From The Last Vietnamese War

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My parents were born in the last Vietnamese war 1970s at Tay Ninh province. At that male chauvinism time, just sons could go to school instead daughters stayed home to help doing chores or working. My grandmother told me that when my mother was at five, she had to take care of her younger siblings due to working-class situation. At twelve, she knew how to make money to help my grandparents’ finance. She rode bicycle to near the border of Vietnam and Cambodian to sale cabbage or until married with my father. Beside that, my father also had the hardest time in his childhood. He was born in a middle-class so he had a better life than my mother. However, he had been shocked at fourteen-year-old when my grandfather died in train accident and…show more content…
However, my parents did not spend much time on my childhood. They missed my first dancing performing at church or my birthdays. They worked very much so I lived with my father’s mother. I grew up with her caring and fairy tales until she moved to America with my oldest uncle. And then few years later my family came to the U.S to live near my parents’ parents.
America is known as the richest country in the world; so living here was many people dream including me. When I was nineteen, my family got the Visa to move to America. At that time, my mother was very frustrated that going here or not because we were having a satisfied life in Vietnam. However, my father, sister, and me were very excited that we could come to America the place that many people dream and called paradise. We thought that many people want to go there but they cannot so why we do not go when we have a chance. Also we thought our life would be happier and better than Vietnam. Consequently, my family came to the U.S since 2013 to start a new life. At the first time my family was very shock. There is nothing fun here because we did not speak English; and we were new comers. Houston was like a forest with many trees. Where are skyscrapers, people walking on the streets, or snow, which I saw in movies. For the second day we arrived Houston, my parents and me went to Vietnamese school to study the paper driver license test. On the time we wait to have our license. My father applied a job at an AC company.
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