My Parents From The Last Vietnamese War

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My parents were born in the last Vietnamese war 1970s at Tay Ninh province. At that male chauvinism time, just sons could go to school instead daughters stayed home to help doing chores or working. My grandmother told me that when my mother was at five, she had to take care of her younger siblings due to working-class situation. At twelve, she knew how to make money to help my grandparents’ finance. She rode bicycle to near the border of Vietnam and Cambodian to sale cabbage or until married with my father. Beside that, my father also had the hardest time in his childhood. He was born in a middle-class so he had a better life than my mother. However, he had been shocked at fourteen-year-old when my grandfather died in train accident and then his oldest brother escaped over the border to the U.S to find the better life. From a person who had a comfortable life, he had to face with many problems mainly was family finance problem. He quite studying then worked any jobs, which could support family living. Due to tough history, when my parents had my little sister, and me, they did anything to give us a great childhood. I still remember that they had tried lots of jobs when I was a kid. Since the time I had memory, they produced crackers or sold chicken at the market and then end up with provided food for restaurants. Comparing with my cousins at that time, I was just spending time for studying and playing while my cousins had to work at their family’s shops or do part-time…
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