My Parents Of Three Different Generations

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For this project I interviewed my parents of three different generations about how they communicated. I interviewed them about how they communicated in their generations to tell on how times have changed during each generation on communicating and listening to family. The three family members I interviewed was my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother which each were of different generations. Each with 5 to 6 questions about how they communicated and listened to their family back in their day. I also asked them on how much time they spent communicating and listening to family.

For my first interviewee I had my great-grandmother Catalina Jeremias and she was born in 1926 meaning she was the first generation of my family. She is 84 years old and lived in Puerto Rico for 4 to 5 years. When I interviewed her she claimed that the way she communicated with her family was by just normal conversations in her youth and growing up. She was often communicating with her family at home and it was in part the only fun thing for her to do since the only technology they had was a radio. Her family often communicated with her in the balcony, they would usually meet in the balcony to just communicate and listen. However, she communicated anywhere with her family or at all parts of the house. The way she communicated with distant family or family that was in another state or country was by writing letters and sending them. She didn’t have much technology back then so she actually

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