My Parents Working For An International Bank

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Chapter Two My parents both started working for an international bank called Equator in Connecticut. They met at work and began dating. The relationship started off very casual neither one of them were seriously thinking of marriage or starting a family at that point. My Dad especially was not thinking of marriage or children. At that period in both my parent 's life, they were really just beginning to start their careers and finishing up taking courses at community college. My Dad had his associate 's degree my Mom on the other hand only had a couple of classes completed. However, at the time it was not uncommon for people to be able to work up through the company to higher ranking positions or if a person had previous work experience in the field, that would be taken in exchange for having an educational background within the field. My Dad had both he had his associates from Holyoke Community College as well as plenty of work experiences in banking. He started off as a teller and worked his way up through multiple different banks eventually moving and landing the position at Equator as their Treasurer. My Mom also had experience and great recommendations from previous jobs that helped her get her position as the letters of credit expert at Equator banking. My parents dated off and on again for about a year before my Mom became pregnant with me, at the time she was on birth control. However, the women on her mother 's side of the family are known for being extremely fertile
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