My Participant Observation Of Marijuana

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When I first started thinking about my participant observation I had numerous ideas of what I could learn, but as I started to think about what I should do, then I realized I just started my own participant observation that I was already extremely dedicated to so I decided I could write it down for this class. My participant observation might be different from others, but I was extremely dedicated and devoted to learning everything I could about the helpful benefits of marijuana if grown organically and properly since countless times large grow facilities will use “organic” pesticides to spray plants to exterminate the bugs and they must wear suits just to spray the pesticides. Accordingly, I meet a truly experienced grower in the community which decided to mentor me and show me the ways of growing marijuana organically and in soil, which I had never tried before, I always worked in aero or hydroponic systems.

First, my informant Dan I meet through common friends I
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Throughout these last few months I learned so much information on so many diverse topics on how to grow not just marijuana but anything and without surprise, I have actually used and passed on much of the information I have learned to other growers and even my mother for her own organic food garden. Accordingly, I realized how important it is for anthropologist to work with cultures for extended periods of times cause I saw that people won’t tell you everything you asked about in the beginning or are worried to tell you, but as you grow closer to the community or person they begin to trust you as will share more about their ways and culture .Hopefully, as I continue to mentor under Dan I will continue to further my education and I could pass on the information I have
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