My Passion For Christ Drive Everything That I Do

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2.1 Mission Statement.
I am determined to allow my passion for Christ drive everything that I do. This includes being a good friend and investing myself into people more, asking the hard questions both in class and in life, and improving on my self judgement (being my own worst enemy). Included in this is, having more internal self-confidence. I will also take advantage of my strengths by accepting that imperfections are normal, and weakness will allow me to grow and trust more with all of this combined, I am determined to be an inspiration and example to this world.
2.2 Vision Statement:
In the next five years, I want to make a difference in the world by bringing forth a different kind of passion; one that touches everything I do with the power of Christ. Through this I will seek leadership positions, take opportunities that come my way, and humbly set high standards for myself. I will not let worldly aspects consume my identity, but instead will pursue living like Christ. I will lead by example, and will engage with others, as well as the world around me. Challenging them as well as myself, to grow and learn with every passing day. This being said, I will strive to learn from wisdom, from my own experiences as well as from those I am close too.
2.3 Values Statement: Both this missions and vision statement are going to be hard to complete and stay accountable to. Not because it isn’t who I am, but because things that I strive to be are difficult, when I feel like I am…

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