My Passion For Engineering

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My passion for engineering began when I came across the quote: "Technology are devices that make our lives better". Despite my first love of mathematics, my recent interest for engineering has come from two major influences. The first being my mathematics and physics teachers, both engineers by qualification, who have helped me enhance the fundamental skills essential for engineering and embrace the importance of the field. The second being learning about uses of technology in computer science, it taught me the magnitude which technology contributes to our lives and has resulted in my desire to improve the lives of others.
I believe that my mathematics and physics skills would make me a proficient engineer. Proven by my consistent
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Likewise, I have gathered the difference in walking and running in terms of motion, energy storage and efficiency. Developing such knowledge at undergraduate level will supply me with sufficient expertise to improve current models.
I’ve also spent my summer visiting museums to observe great engineering successes and how they affect the world. In a noteworthy humanitarian trip to Belarus, where I visited the well renowned BelAZ factory. This company creates some of the world’s largest mining vehicles, including the BelAZ 75710. This monstrous vehicle has a staggering capacity of almost 500 short tons and a height of over 8 meters, it showed me the importance of engineering in the modern world from large scale products such as BelAZ to nanotechnologies such as artificial muscles.
Outside the curriculum, I am a keen sportsman and musician. Captaining my club and school football team at various levels have helped me develop my team work, communication and leadership qualities, all essential assets when working on group projects. I’ve been competing internationally in Taekwondo from a young age, having represented the Welsh national team at junior and senior level, and winning Silver in the British Championships (U18 Black Belt). Consequently, it has helped me to flourish when working
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