My Passion For Engineering

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My true passion for engineering began when I came across the quote: "Technology are devices that make our lives better". Despite my first love of mathematics, my recent interest for engineering has come from two major influences. The first being my mathematics and physics teachers, both engineers by nature, who have helped me enhance the fundamental skills essential for engineering and embrace the importance of the field. The second being the learning about uses of technology in Computer Science, it taught me the magnitude of which technology contributes to our everyday lives has led me to intensify my desire to improve the lives of others.
I believe that my mathematics and physics skills would make me a proficient engineer. This is proven with my consistent performance in the UKMT, achieving top of year for 5 consecutive years and reaching the final round in the intermediate stage as early as year 10. This has allowed be to demonstrate my flexibility and adaptability, which are both important factors to my strong problem solving skills.
With no previous experience with engineering, a great deal of my knowledge for the subject comes from studying mathematics, physics and computer science at A-Level. In preparation to study engineering at university, I have decided to read the books “Think like an engineer” by Guru Madhavan and “Cats’ Paws and Catapults” by Steven Vogel. The reason behind this was to grasp the methods in which a skilled engineer would think and enhance basic knowledge about the effects of materials and forces. My aim for the future would be to use my engineering knowledge to create more efficient mechanical limbs that may allow amputees to run and jump. From my reading, I have gained awareness of how natural tendons have certain physical properties that allow them to function efficiently. This include very low strain which allows the animal to rebound without wasting high energy, as the animal takes a stride the tendon compresses and absorbs energy, it then releases it when the animal springs forward. From the books, I have also gathered the difference in the walking and running in terms of motion, energy storage and efficiency. Developing such knowledge at undergraduate level will hopefully
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