My Passion For Fitness Essay

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Necessity for fitness became passion
How fitness became my passion, come along with me to my journey.
I’ve always been passionate about fitness. sooner I realized that there is a super strong relationship between both of us of love or hate.
At times, when one has to develop a passion for fitness, one has to become forced relationships at times. Other times, it becomes easy for you to trick your body into believing that this your passion that you ever anticipated for. It’s just like a phenomenon similar to when you smile forcefully when you have an option to smile genuinely and hell happy about it while you’re faking your way out. At times, I truly believe myself when I say that ‘I’m passionate about fitness’. The reality is, on how fitness
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My younger years were far from fitness and gym. I am a qualified engineer. After his brief stint in corporates like Sony India Pvt. Ltd., my believe in healthy lifestyle became me passionate about fitness today!
As a child, I was never being sporty rather I was an unfit boy like many other of my age. I hated to be unfit- I never got picked for any sports teams. During my teenage years to keep with societies ideal I tried every fitness options I came cross to become fit and smart. While probably due to inspiration from dad and brothers that I became interested in going to a gym. This is how started to have an interest in gym life. At this stage, I was no regular to gym, or wasn’t fit, neither sporty. I didn’t have a figure, but I soon realized that I enjoy the ‘buzz’ which exercising gave me. Now there is no looking back.
On Mastery to
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The organisation comprises of a dedicated team of expert from dieticians to trainers. Some of the services include Personal Training, Yoga, Corporate Fitness training, and group exercise. We also specialize in wedding crash course and post-natal instant fat loss. We understand time is money, that's why our team of experts have designed such easy and effective exercise sessions which will aid to manage your time to achieve a maximum outcome.
Being a Founder & Director at InstaFitness, I Saurabh also working at the venture as a senior fitness consultant and personal trainer; specialisation in Life Style Modification, Weight management, Pre/Post Pregnancy weight management, Marathon Preparation, Body transformation, Strength Training, Functional Training, Agility Training, HIIT Training, TRX training, Resistance Tubing Exercise, Kick boxing training, Core training.
A passion for power and
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