My Passion For Medical Entrepreneurship By Random Assignment Essay

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found my passion for medical entrepreneurship by random assignment. I was a senior bioengineer at Rice University listening to pitches for capstone design projects when I first met my mentor, Dr. Mehdi Razavi. He exuded an energy quite different from that of the bookish academics and polished corporate professionals that had been pitching their ideas up until that point. He showed up in green scrubs, no white coat, Starbucks coffee in hand, and simply introduced himself as Mehdi, omitting the obligatory doctor in front of his name. He spoke for just a few minutes, describing his idea for a novel external defibrillator system. I don’t remember much of what he said, all I remember is how much passion and excitement he had for his idea. A week later, I found out I had been assigned to his team. Thus began an interest in medical technology that has not only shaped my career goals, but has also had a profound effect on my personal life. My college career did not go as planned. I showed up at Rice as a seventeen-year- old international student that had just moved across an ocean to attend college. The only way I could afford to attend Rice was to try to graduate in three years, in addition to working part-time jobs several hours a week. Ever the determined overachiever, I signed up for a bunch of advanced engineering classes to kickstart my plan of graduating early. Needless to say, I had a rude awakening when I got my grades back at the end of the semester.
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