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I quote a man who has been accepted by the general populace to be accurate in his observations of society: “Every civilization is, among other things, an arrangement for domesticating the passions and setting them to do useful work”, Aldous Huxley is known to have said. I know not the purpose of life, but I know of passion, and mine lies in medicine.
I moved from New York to an impoverished village in India during my pre-adolescent age. There, my life saw juxtaposition like no other. From air-conditioned, colorful children wards where the nurse gave you “I was brave!” stickers (despite you throwing a fit) and lollipops, I saw children screaming in agony as crude and outdated procedures such as lobotomies were used to treat relatively
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I spent hours and hours of my life in India at hospitals, sitting in on medical school classes and reading books owned by family physician. The complexity of the human body fascinated me like no other. I would hurt myself playing soccer and basketball time and time again until my visits to the orthopedist started becoming visits to a close friend.
Two decades and many existential crises later, one single aspect of my life has pulled me through: that passion I experienced as a child. I have questioned the source of this motivation more than once, and have sought out to put myself in all possible situations that would predict how I would feel later in my life as a doctor to make sure this passion was not mere infatuation.
I shadowed a pulmonologist. For an entire month, I ceased to exist as anything but a silent observer. There, I observed and projected myself into the doctor’s shoes, and felt at home. I saw him piece information together, seek out subtle clues that other physicians had missed, and construct a picture that later would save a woman’s life. I had always loved solving puzzles as a child; it came to me naturally. Life had merely escalated the circumstances from building three -dimensional Star Wars battle ships to saving lives. The satisfaction I got from seeing the completed spaceship as a child was only a glimpse of the epitome of fulfillment I would later feel when I saw the grateful woman thank the doctor I shadowed

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