My Passion For Nonprofit Organizations

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The situation that brought me from my first internship to the second one was frustrating and difficult. Nonetheless, it provided me with beneficial learning experiences for my career and life in general. One of the silver linings of interning at these two considerably different internship experiences was increasing my knowledge of two different types of business. The first of these areas was in the Non-Profit organization at PACS, where their mission is to empower individuals who are struggling. The nonprofit industry has always deeply interested me, and what I learned at PACS only fueled that interest. The time I spent at PACS was brief and ended abruptly. Nonetheless, I learned valuable and significant information and gained an understanding of the various business characteristics that are essential in nonprofit organizations.
My passion for nonprofits partially comes from my experience working for two separate nonprofits, and partially from me wanting to help make a difference in this world. My time at PACS made me reflect on the two previous jobs I had at nonprofits and how all three intended to make a difference in this world. Furthermore, I pondered what the impact was of a key difference on the two nonprofits I previously worked. The key difference is that one was a Christian organization, the other was not. PACS showed me a middle ground of sorts, were the organization itself is not Christian or religious even though it is created with values that are held by
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