My Passion For North Carolina Basketball

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My passion for North Carolina basketball began the moment I understood what basketball was. One evening while we were watching a game, my father, a graduate of the University of North Carolina, declared me a fan of the Tar Heels. Without any objection, I made the decision to be a fan. Little did I know that I would have countless memories on account of this decision.
At the young age of 7, my devotion and loyalty to the team had already grown to an emotional level. I took each outcome personally, as though I was a part of the team myself. Already enjoying the championship win of 2005, North Carolina fans like me were lucky to experience such success each year. However, my expectations rose to a level that would leave me disappointed
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I was discouraged by his abandonment of the team. I decided to never leave a game no matter the score. Although to no surprise, Kansas won. I could not believe it. A stream of tears began to run down my face as I ran up the stairs to deliver the horrible news to my father, who was disappointed but not surprised. I sprawled out onto the floor dispirited and let out a cry for longer than the baby had. My father made an attempt to stop me, but my sadness was not to be argued with. Today, I laugh at the story, impressed by the amount of passion and importance I held in a simple game.
The following year, Carolina fans returned with even higher expectations. Over the course of the regular season, these expectations were fulfilled. Entering the tournament as a top seed with the same starting squad, the team was faced with a similar challenge to the one that they were defeated by the year before. Taking advantage of the Elite Eight game in Memphis, my father, brother, and I traveled to watch the game against Oklahoma live at the FedExForum. As we entered the arena, I became nervous considering the possibility of defeat. We found our seats and prepared for tip-off. Late in the second half, North Carolina took a sizeable lead that would put the Heels ahead for good. The confetti that rained down put a smile on my face. Watching the players cut down the nets, I knew that I would always be a Carolina fan. The team would continue to defeat Villanova and later
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