My Passion For Reading And Writing

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Throughout my life, reading and writing impacted me more than I can possibly know; however, to be perfectly honest, I would not be able to recall more than two books I have read in the past four years. This is simply because I lost my passion for reading books. In contrast, my passion for reading in my early life far outweighed my passion for anything else. This was largely because of my mother, Cassie, and my father, Jeff, who would read to me every night. Once I was old enough to read on my own, they would have me read for a certain amount of time before heading off to bed. I believe that this would spark a phase of my life that would help me with confidence and assist me through stressful times growing up. As I sit thinking back on…show more content…
My mom and dad would read us simple children’s books that contained positive moral stories, two of which being The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and Just In Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado. Both books revolve around the concept of knowing that everyone has people in their lives that care about them. My parents would take turns reading these books, and others similar to them, to each of my brothers and my sister every night before putting us down for bed. After my mom and dad would read a short book, they would ask what I believed it to be about, and would then help guide us to understand the deeper meaning behind the books. Despite it being impossible to know exactly how this process has affected me throughout my life, I know that it made me a kind person and a dedicated student. Once I achieved the reading skills necessary, my parents would have me read to them aloud, continuing to question me about the meaning beneath the surface. I began to choose my favorite genres when we would take trips to the public library, most of which were light-hearted and entertaining. My favorite collection was the short stories written by the infamous Dr. Seuss, with my favorite story being The Cat in the Hat. Dr. Seuss quickly rose to the top of my list of most-liked authors through his unique way of bringing a story to life with his descriptive, easy-to-read rhymes. But despite his entertaining fairy tale stories, I wanted more out

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