My Passion For Social Work

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My passion for social work was not initially evident to me as it came to others. In fact, I had no idea what a social worker was or what they did five years ago when I walked into Grossmont College’s counseling office trying to decipher why I was in college. I was not excited for the future my life was heading towards. Standing there, looking at all my options, I picked up a brochure depicting a social worker’s role and responsibilities. Reading the brochure intrigued me and I decided that I wanted to educate myself on it. After the introduction of my first social work classes, and enjoying them, came the start of my new internship at METRO- The Good Neighbor Center. There, I got my first taste of what I would be experiencing, if indeed, I decided to pursue social work. Initially, I started with very minimal responsibilities such as assessing and identifying client’s needs and completing intakes. Some quietly thanked me, others smiled, and a few cried. Regardless of what occurred during the day, I couldn’t help but sense as though I made perhaps a small but significant difference in someone 's life. I left everyday anticipating the opportunity to come back the following day. For once in my life I was excited about the future. I knew the direction I wanted to take was social work and I intended to pursue it.
Today, four years later, now with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from San Diego State University, I know a profession in social work is where I still see myself…
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