My Passion For Sports

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My passion for sports began at a very young age. I grew up watching and attending all different types of sporting events with my family. Another trait I’ve had for as long as I can remember is the need to have everything organized. Once I was old enough I volunteered for the MLB All-Star Game and saw how I could merge my two passions and turn them into a career. Having the title of event planner and being able to coordinate events that bring so many people with the same love of a game together is an ideal job for me. I want to be the one in charge of culminating the ideas for events that get people excited about sports. The position I hope to hold at the peak of my career is the Director of Gameday Entertainment and Special Events for the New Orleans Saints. The New Orleans Saints franchise has an incredible reputation. They are well known for how much they give back to the community not only in Louisiana but other areas of the country as well. The owner of the company was a major contributor to the rebuilding of the city after it was demolished by Hurricane Katrina. He cares about the people of the city and is continuously donating money to various charities and encouraging business owners to help build up the local economy. That kind of vision is what makes them the kind of employee that I would like to be employed by. Not only is the company good to the community, they treat their employees great as well. They offer their employees a great base salary and a full
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