My Passion For Teaching As A Teacher

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Introduction The end of this semester is a time to reflect the close of my first year here at TCU. I went through a major change from nursing to education, and I realized I made the right choice for me. Discovering my passion for teaching evolved from many observations of different teachers in schools, and I developed from my readings and lectures in the classroom. By observing all the different teaching methods, I realized how I want to teach my future classroom. Having strong values, and a passion for educating our youth is necessary for a good teacher. Knowing what grade level you have the most interest in can greatly affect your desire to teach. Learning how to educate children in the most beneficial ways to their suited skill set is a major part of teaching. I read books from experienced teachers who wrote about their first year and the struggles they faced throughout everything. I learned how students and teachers need to have a mutual respect for a classroom to grow. As a teacher I would need to learn what works for me, and set down the platform I want to base my teachings around from the beginning of my year. I listened to lectures from an experienced educator, who informed us about the rights and wrongs of teaching. I took notes as he explained the By seeing these visuals aspects it will shape my teaching methods for the future. Take Away from Books and Reports One of my take-aways from this semester was how scared I will be for my first year of
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