My Passion For The Sport Essay

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There is always that one nagging problem in your life that always goes undervalued in the minds of others. The institution of going outside your boundaries, also known as high school, is where free time, which previously went to studying, is now coexisting with athletic activities. In high school, I was informally recruited to the basketball team by an upperclassman and that is where my passion for the sport began. The sport manifested itself into my life from television to practice, then to finding any opportunity to go out and play. Optimism for my new found passion and the school year increased, but that does not stop getting hurt in the process. Weakness in my wrist permeated my life and attacked both my education and basketball season. Experiencing injuries is a common occurrence to players and provides a time of reflection during rehabilitation. Any sort of injury is never predetermined by your personal diagnosis and should be observed by a professional. High school had just begun and the basketball players waited patiently for the upcoming season. In the catacombs, I gravitated towards the table of my teammates. The chatter was filled with potential starting line-ups, new things they worked on over the summer, point per game projections, and the occasional supportive trash talk. Talks occurred that simultaneously became plans to play in the local park. Day after day going to play wore my body down, but the mind knows the goal of the training: to play with teammates

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