“My Passion Has Been To Build An Enduring Company Where

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“My passion has been to build an enduring company where people were motivated to make great products. Everything else was secondary”, said Steve Jobs towards the end of his life during an interview, with the author of “Steve Jobs” Walter Isaacson, when asked how he hoped his legacy would be remembered (567). From the beginning of life to the end of life, Steve Jobs would be going through a constant battle for perfection. This was not only exemplified through his products, like the Apple II to the iPhone, but through the people he worked with. Walter Isaacson describes this all out war in Job’s mind in great detail throughout this book, starting at the beginning of a unperfect life for Jobs. The book begins on February 24, 1955 in San…show more content…
This was mainly caused by the anger that he had deep inside of him towards his birth parents, who in his opinion “abandoned him” at birth. This anger was one of the many so-called “demons” Isaacson discusses throughout the story of Job’s life. During Steve 's first job ever at the gaming company Atari, in 1976, he and his best friend from high school Steve Wozniak had the idea to create their own computer company called Apple, which would soon change the world without any of them expecting a thing. The first computer the duo created in the Jobs family garage was called the Apple I. The one of a kind Apple I was specifically made to be sold to hobbyists because the age of the personal computer was not yet in effect. The computer sold so well that Woz and Jobs created a new computer called the Apple II, which officially launched the world of computing into the personal side, due to the simplicity of its use. During the launch and numerous sales of the Apple II, Steve Jobs had a baby girl named Lisa with his girlfriend at the time Chrisann Brennan. When Chrisann broke the news to Jobs he resented the fact that it was his child, and blamed Chrisann for sleeping with other men. This would be an ongoing battle in Jobs life, and he would not admit it was his child until many years later, but during the time of Lisa’s birth he would make sure that Chrisann would not put the baby up for
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