My Passion In My Life Of Theatre As A Theatre

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They say we all find something in our lives that means something to us, that exposes who we truly are, and once we find it, it lights a spark in us that cannot be contained; this thing, this idea it lights a fire in us that refuses to sizzle down and die away with all the oxygen in the room. It creates a passion we are obligated by ourselves to pursue and to me that passion is theatre. I cannot recall a time in my life when theatre was not the most prominent thing in existence. I cannot recall a time when I told myself, ‘theatre is not for me’ or that ‘this is all-for-none.’ It is my life, my calling, and my dream all in one. People love to entertain me with thoughts of why I should not be pursuing this avenue of work, but I somehow find ways float above it all. I know, as an actress, my limitations are great and I have accepted those; however, I do not, at this point in my life, believe that theatric acting is my only passion and career option. When I sit in a dark space with actors in front of me, conveying messages of honesty and life, I find myself entranced by what is in front of me; it is almost refreshing. I find it astonishing the amount of love, kindness, truth, and above all passion that pours out from a production onto a stage when presented in front of an audience.

I chose casting as my career because of one aspect that sold me the most. I find it genuinely beautiful how casting directors can sit behind a table or in an audience with a brief knowledge of what
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