My Passion Is My Hijab

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My passion is my Hijab. Ever since I have started wearing it, it has become a part of me. It is the main source of my confidence and it makes me unique. Believe it or not, it is what keeps me going and helps me overcome almost all of my problems. It strengthens my relation with God and brings me closer to him. It keeps me safe from people who might make me feel uncomfortable and makes people treat me in a respectful way. I still remember how it all started and how much I suffered until I was able to practice wearing the Hijab. I have been twelve years old at that time. My parents did not agree with me, they had many reasons to stop me from wearing it. First, they have felt that I am too young to begin wearing it, and they also did not like it as much. Second, they were worried that, I would change my mind about it as I grow up and decide to take it off. Another reason was that they thought, I just want to copy other people and wear the hijab. However, I wanted to do it because I felt I am ready to feel safer. All the time, I would take a visit to my mother’s closet and put on one of her fancy scarves and go out in public. She used to get extremely mad when she saw me wearing it. She used to start screaming, slapping me, and forcing me to take it off. I would never obey her and insist on doing it over and over again. Until that one day, she has decided to give up; it was the last night of Ramadan (Muslims Holy month of fasting). She comes up to me and says, “I give you the
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