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There are many dreams revolving around us, some that seem impossible to reach and other that are easily grasped. The diversity of this world is great, and not one person has the same story to tell as another; including me. Ever since I can remember I have been finding ways to be independent; my own women, or in this case, “little lady.” I would always try to do things my own way. There is a huge list of examples that I could give, but I have decided to discuss what I believe to be the one that would bring out a bit of awe and an understanding of what type of person I have been since a child. When I was younger, around the age of four, I would gather all of my toys that I possibly could. After a great amount accumulated, I would place…show more content…
He has bought me books from inspiring people that have taught me how to think more like investors, businessmen , and not only that but also as a wealthy being in life. My main inspirations are those who have been in the lowest of the low and have been able to bring themselves up from complete poverty, including my father who was one of those very people. I understand that there are many things that make a great person, in business or in general. There are skills that need to be gained throughout life; including leadership, confidence, determination, consistency, selflessness, the ability to take understand when you have made a mistake, and listening to those who need their opinions and ideas to be heard. Therefore, I have been doing all that I have possibly can to gain these admiring qualities. I have joined many clubs to gain my leadership confidence as well as being able to move a crowd and being able to talk to them improvised without doubting myself. My consistency and determination have always shown broadly throughout life, I was taught to always try my hardest even though it was not the best; because one day with more practice it soon would be one of the best. And for the rest
My biggest dream of all is to have an amazing education, to be able to be great in many subjects not only a few. I want to be capable of speaking many languages therefore

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