My Passion for Historial Studies

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To me history has become much more than just an academic subject that has to be studied; it both challenges and inspires me beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Historical studies achieve this by supplying me with knowledge and discovery, both elements which I find to be extremely thrilling. History evokes great curiosity in me. This is why I am very privileged by having been able to travel all over the world and see historic sites such as: the Eiffel Tower, Lincoln’s cottage, the Egyptian pyramids, the Colloseum, the Statue of Liberty and the Acropolis in Athens. However of all the sites that I have had the opportunity to visit, two in particular have stood out and deeply influenced my fascination for history. The first one being the ruins of the ancient city of Rome. When standing over what once used to be the capital of the largest empire I was sparked with desire to know more. How could a small group of farmers, who started off fending wolves to just protect their livestock, eventually become the greatest empire in all of history? This question lead me to read Simon Baker’s “Ancient Rome: The Rise and Fall of An Empire” which I found to be very interesting as it successfully illustrates all the major changes in Roman history and how the Roman culture impacted the rest of the world. In my visit…

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