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My Passion is to Teach Every child thinks about what to do when they grow up, and every child changes their mind about a hundred times. I admit that I changed my mind frequently until I started high school. I wanted to be everything from a princess to a firefighter, but in high school I decided that one day I would be a teacher. I wanted to be a teacher because I think that our nation is lacking in teachers that want to teach. We have an abundance of teachers that teach because it is their job, not their passion. I want to teach, guide, and most of all I want to make a difference. Whine in elementary school I remember the students that were left behind because individuals simply gave up on them. I want to…show more content…
I truly believe that education is the key to success. Success comes in different stages. Before a child can be successful outside of school they must fist be successful in school. Children need to learn to have confidence in their abilities and their work. They also need to learn to have confidence in themselves. They need to understand that they are special, ante that they are wonderful for just being themselves. As a teacher, I hope to influence children not only in their core curriculum but also in their ability to solve problems. In my classroom, I don’t necessarily want the students to memorize facts, bi I want them to learn and retain the information on how to find the answers. They need to know the type of information they can go to the dictionary for help, encyclopedias, thesaurus, and the Internet. My classroom will be very hands on. Children learn things better when they experience them first hand. They learn how volcanoes erupt the same way they learn that the stove is hot. That said, not everything can be taught in this manner. Many things in my classroom will be taught through the exploration of books. Children need to be taught that learning is fun or they won’t want to learn. We all know that if someone doesn’t want to do something they won’t do it. I hope to be able to deal with all discipline problems by myself using the office as a last resort. I don’t want my students to fear me, but I want them to

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