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Normally I write papers on my past experiences with employment. My oldest daughter is on her way out next year, to attend college so I decided to change up a little bit. I will be writing my paper today as a parent /student. This will be based upon what we will be going through in the next few months as we look for the right college for oldest baby. The reality of joining a university or any higher learning institute is very exciting. It indicates the beginning of dreams being fulfilled, for many to obtain a higher education in various fields of employment. Even while being filled with excitement, this can be a confusing period characterized by lack of information on what a new should do, act or relate with others, who to
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In many institutions, orientation for new students takes three to five days depending on the program although some can be as short as a day (Worall, 2007). Nonetheless the program or the length, a student orientation program should have the following three objectives:
I. Presenting students to college/university life by producing a welcoming setting and fostering a feeling of being a part of this new community.
II. Acquainting new students to the new environment including its curricular and co-curricular activities is important for their success.
III. Establishing and affording the opportunity for the university community to meet its latest students.
Student Orientation Program Outline
I. Introducing Students to a higher learning institution was of life
The first step in a student orientation program is introducing and welcoming new students to the university (Kuh, 1996). A university or college proposes a new way of life in a distinct communal away from what the students are used to in their earlier local communities. The will need to be positioned for their community and way of living. The significant areas covered under this section include the following:
• The assignment ,vision and viewpoint of the institution
• The antiquity of the institution, that is, when it began, its accomplishments and why it is the finest selection for the students
• The program offered in the institution both curricular and co-curricular
• Logistics
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