My Past Present and Future

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This paper is supposed to be a reflection of my past and a glimpse into my future. I have a really hard time talking about my past because I don’t recall much of my child hood. I have managed to block out a lot of the memories the bad along with the good. I am not sure why but when I started blocking memories it also took the good along with the bad. So I will tell you what I can remember and what I have been told about my childhood. I will also tell you what my future holds for me and how I plan to reach that goal.

Body I was born in Spokane Washington and lived my first three years on a reservation with my mother and my father. When I was three I also started my modeling career until I was fourteen.
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At the age of thirteen I found out I was pregnant. My mother along with the advice of my grandparents had me shipped off to an all girls school in Boise Idaho. I can say that in my whole life I had never felt so unwanted and utterly alone. It wasn’t until I delivered my son in February of 1987 that I found out that my family had arranged for me to give my son up for adoption. I had kept asking the nurses at the hospital to see him and they wouldn’t let me. Finally they had no other alternative when a nurse had come in to have me sign some papers; that I didn’t understand what they were for. I asked her to explain them to me when she did I refused to sign. I told her that he was my son and I would raise him on my own without help from anyone, and that I would not be giving him up for adoption. At that point it had been four days and I had just got to meet my son for the first time. A month later I went back to Filer and found a place to live and job. I also negotiated my return to high school with the superintendent of the school district. The high school was not sure if they should let me come back to school or not because I was the first girl in our town to have a child this young and not give the baby up for adoption and still want to go to school. They thought it would look bad and set a bad example to the other girls. Finally after some fight they let me go back to school. I was sixteen when I decided to drop out because it was getting to hard to maintain
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