My Past, Present, and Future Life

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Reflective essay: My past, present and future life Introduction When I was growing up, I remember my family situation as extremely chaotic. I was one of eight children and my father and mother had little time to devote to me individually. Most of the time they spent trying to earn enough to support us with their meager resources. I was often called upon to act as a surrogate mother to my siblings. I felt I had little time to develop my own unique perspective and voice when I was very young. Even as a preschooler I remember doing chores to help out at home. However, this situation did foster some positive aspects of my character. I learned to be mature at an early age and gained a sense of competence because of my responsibilities. But I also was taught put the needs of others second to my own. I feel that I did not learn to value my own, legitimate desires to an adequate degree as a young girl and have only recently acquired a true sense of worth [THESIS]. Past According to the developmental theorist Erik Erikson, every child proceeds through a series of social stages in which there is a core, essential conflict that must be addressed. If that conflict is not fully resolved, the child carries that unresolved issue into the next stage, and cannot truly mature. During the preschool-age stage of 'industry versus inferiority,' for example, although I gained a sense of competence as a caregiver, I also gained a sense of inferiority because my needs were supplanted by

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