My Pastime As A Child

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Introduction My pastime as a child was daydreaming of the countless careers I could achieve. The imaginary future, I formulated for myself, included becoming an actress, lawyer, or a housewife with lots of children. I never became any of those things except for the part of motherhood, which is the greatest lifetime achievement of all. The profession I did choose was a modest one. I became a travel agent who for over twenty years assisted a countless number of people in making unforgettable memories. It was a livelihood where I did not benefit in traveling myself, since for the majority of that era I was a single mother. I spent the first part of my lifespan raising my two daughters practically alone. However, when I read, I used my vivid imagination to travel the world. It is how I discovered a passion for Great Britain and its nineteenth century literature with phenomenal authors such as, Jan Austen and Charlotte Bronte. This passion transformed into a hobby that includes; collecting British themed possessions, nineteenth century collectables, and romance period films. It is a leisure pursuit that I share with my daughters, as we share many other diversions together. In many ways, my childhood ambitions of becoming an important individual came true, for my daughters tell me this every day. I experienced motherhood fairly young; however, I had enough knowledge and maturity to put their needs before my own. I noticed that both girls by preschool age could not utter two

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