My Pastime As A Pastime

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One of my pastimes was watching movies. Besides Andaz Apna Apna, I would watch the popular movies playing in the theatre (#FastAndFuriousSeries #DhoomSeries), and occasionally watch the movies that play on Sony Max (#Sooryavansham #TarzanTheWonderCar #TheyNeedNewMovies). Can this even be called a hobby? Was I being passionate about my passion? I decided to convert this pastime into a hobby by watching the 250 highest rated movies ever made. It took me three years (nearly 2 movies a week), but it was so worth it. These movies ranged from “boring” silent movies of the 1920s to the mainstream movies of today. Watching such diverse movies pushed me out of my comfort zone— my tastes developed and ultimately it became a life-changing experience. #SecondDegreeHappiness I have been able to experience what has fascinated, inspired and entertained four generations. Movies have made me travel, not only to different places but also to different time periods. I have learnt that if I want to gain knowledge about history, I should not solely rely on what is written ABOUT the past, but rely on material made IN the past. I have learnt about different cultures by watching films made in different languages (foreign films have also been a cheap…show more content…
But spending entire weekends (and very often weekdays too) discussing/debating/watching sports is an addiction, a sort of obsession that is preventing us from living our life to our potential. When I look back, while I was constantly discovering new things in movies, sports was very repetitive. The same thing kept happening over and over again with just enough variation to keep me interested. Besides a few iconic matches, I can barely differentiate one game from the other. Watching sports did not provide me with fulfillment so I decided to end my obsession with it (#SportsDetox). Whether you want to continue your obsession or not is for you to contemplate. @Greg

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