My Path Into Speech Pathology

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During high school volunteering at Columbus Regional Healthcare System led me to my path into Speech-Language Pathology. Since high school I was accepted into the Speech Pathology program and I apply to the graduate program this semester. Vidant Medical Center would be a wonder service-learning site to gain valuable career experiences. I would have the opportunity to incorporate my knowledge from previous classes with hands on experience with patients and staff members. Vidant Medical Center is a general medical and surgical hospital. Therefore, it serves an assortment of patients from pediatric to geriatric. The hospital offers several activities and services that could correlate with college students’ major or career interest. Some volunteers have the opportunity to work directly with patients or family member, while others assist the staff or administration work. Likewise to my experience with Columbus Regional Healthcare System introducing me to the amazing career of Speech Pathology, it would be an honor to donate my time and effort to make a difference in other individual’s lives. An example of one of the primary reasons that I am interested in selecting Vidant Medical Center as my community partnership is that they try to match college students to specific programs that would be beneficial to their future career choice. The hospital has several programs that would allow me to grow as a future speech pathologist such as the rehabilitation center or
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