My Pathophysiology Class

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My junior year I had the opportunity to take an anatomy class.This, partnered with my psychology class, was one of the most fascinating classes I have taken in my high school careers. Learning about the human body fascinated me as it was something that was so applicable, something that related to how I live my life everyday.

One of the most amazing moments of that class was the chance that I had to visit a human anatomy lab at a local college. There college students showed us the cadavers they had been working on, allowing us to see the human body up close and personal. I saw the difference between a smoker’s lung and a non-smoker’s lung, exactly how a knee replacement works, and other insights to the human body.

However, the most memorable thing I was able to see that day was the human brain. Looking at it, it didn’t look much different than models we had used in class. The student in charge of that section went over the fundamental parts of the brain, things I had studied for class. Though it was interesting, the moment that made it really real for me was the moment I was able to hold it. Holding it is my hand, the basic anatomy of the brain went away. I stood in an awed silence as I tried to imagine the things it had seen, had heard, the life it had lived. This was the motor to human existence. Though brains may look similar on the outside, on the inside they were so unique, so different, each like a snowflake, only ever occurring once. It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to learn all I could about this fascinating object that is the mind, unlock doors that had previously been closed, and leave the world a better place than I found it.
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This, I led me too a love of psychology. How wonderful was it that there was a whole science devoted just to that one mystical organ? Studying the brain, we can unlock the doors to human
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