My People The Sioux And The Lives Of Native Americans Essay

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Luther Standing Bear’s account of his life growing up as a Sioux Native American amidst a nation flourishing with change is a powerful and poignant narrative that draws us deeper into the history of The United States. My People the Sioux and the life of Luther Standing Bear are both crucial in examining the positive connotations of Indian Boarding Schools and the use of education to challenge the inferiority complex surrounding Native Americans. Luther Standing Bear was born in December of 1868 and this autobiography was completed on July 25, 1927. Encompassing the end of reconstruction, the industrial revolution, and the start of the Indian Boarding schools, Standing Bear’s life provides a deep context into the lives of Native Americans. His entire purpose for writing this autobiography is to provide an account of the Native Americans, from the actual viewpoint of Native Americans, which previously to his account, were few and far between. This autobiography was intended, at the time, for whites who did not know about the lives of Native Americans and for all people who saw Native Americans as inferior. Today it lives on to serve as a historical reference for what Native Americans endured and how they lived during this time period rich in history. The traditional views of Native Americans during this time were that they were lazy and inferior to whites. Towards the end of his life, Standing Bear would become involved in the Native American Rights movement, but this book

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