My Perception of My High School Life

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When I entered high school as a freshman, I would have never guessed what type of person I would become by my senior year. There have been so many events that have shaped my mentality and perception of life. Throughout high school I have discovered my various passions as a musician, cinematographer, a leader and a Christian. Of all my talents, music comes most natural and has proven to be my ultimate ardor. Although I cannot say exactly what it is I plan to pursue within the field of music, I know that I want to make an impact in the lives of others by sharing the optimistic and insightful messages that can be articulated through music, whether it be by performing, composing or directing. Being part of the choir program at my high school has definitely granted me many wonderful opportunities to develop both my vocal and instrumental abilities, as well as allowing me to form bonds with my fellow classmates and director. The skills I have obtained through tireless training with my director have permitted me to be very successful in almost every individual competition and group competitions I participate in. Practicing and performing in class, at competitions, concerts and other events, has aided me in developing vocal techniques which have not only helped me maintain exceptional vocal health, but has enhanced my abilities as a performer. As the San Benito High School Choir President, I am able to lead by example and watch other industrious students improve as musicians. The
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