My Perfect Enchanting Aunt Essay

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These inspiring and amazing words were once spoken by “I Love My Aunt”, a community group who pays a tribute to all the aunts’ in the world. Understanding these words reminds me that an aunt is a second mother and like a sister. Well, many of you may ask what an aunt is. Well, an aunt to me is when someone treats me like I’m their child mom and provides me with care and love. Many humans in this world may not believe they have a perfect enchanting aunt, but others do. Well, I feel like I am one of the precious children blessed by God who has a perfect aunt Tina M. Amin. This ladies and gentlemen is a person who has a special place reserved in my heart and is always on my side supporting me wherever I am. My aunt is not…show more content…
She was not only vigorous when facing life threatening health problems, but remained strong when she was torn apart from her parents and her 5 year old little brother. At the age of 10, my aunt was alone at home, and all of a sudden someone came barging through the front door. It was a stranger who kidnapped my aunt and then left a note for her parents. The note stated “drop off five thousand dollars behind the sewing factory where I will pick it up.” Well, this basically broke my aunt’s family’s heart. They were devastated thinking they would never get their child back and cried their hearts out. A few days later, my aunt escaped and ran back home and the family at that moment were euphoric and would be able to live in peace. What made her valiant in my eyes and heart was that she had the courage to escape not being afraid of what the kidnapper would do to her if she was caught. Not only does her personality catch my eye, but all the accomplishments she has achieved in her life. The goals she has achieved in her life are fascinating and I want to follow her footsteps. Mrs. Amin has always managed to set her standards high and go past them. She was a perfect honor A+ student her whole life ranging from 1st Grade To 12th Grade. In college, she was recognized for her Academic Performance by the President of The United States due to the fact that she was the smartest student in the field she was studying. That same year she graduated from her college

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