My Perfect Partner in Life

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My Perfect Partner in Married Life Choosing my perfect partner in life takes a lot of prayers and considerations.I dont like to rush or feel desperately alone and marry the wrong kind of person for the wrong reasons --only to regret it later.Nothing should be more important to me and the person I marry than my spiritual well-being.Foremost that I will consider is she should be a believer and a follower of Christ.She's a worshipper and with a heart after God.I believe that spiritual compatibility is important in marriage. How Can I Know Who To Marry She was young and beautiful, and had grown up in a small town. He was wealthy, an only child, 40 years old, and worked his father's livestock business. Their homes were separated by more…show more content…
What areas of conflict could develop in a marriage if the two are not believers? What effect could this type of marriage have on the faith of their children as they grow up? [Also See Unequally Yoked] [Return To Headings] prayerpower-Bar Trust God It's not easy to wait for someone else to give you what you desperately long for. It's silly, I know, but I don't enjoy waiting in a long line at a fast-food place where the smell of the hamburgers only makes me hungrier. I don't enjoy financial crunches when bills come in faster than paychecks, and I'm left wondering when and if the account balance will ever be in the black again. Our entire lives seem to be a process of learning to wait in dependence on others. It all begins when we are infants--we want our milk, our "blankie," our favorite stuffed animal, or a clean diaper. We have to learn again and again that we can't have everything now. We have to wait for Mom and Dad or others to provide what we need. As Christians, we have to learn over and over that we must wait on the Lord, the One who provides all we need. It's not an easy lesson for any of us. We have to discover that His timing is best, that He has everything under control. That's easier said than done. For a man or woman who has an aching heart and longs to get married, the wait can be very, very hard. What does the story of Isaac and Rebekah tell us about trusting God to

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