My Personal Aesthetic Of Dance

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My personal aesthetic in the terms of dance extends far beyond mentioning what I like and what I dislike. It unfolds the layers of my personality, my style, and my past experiences. I tend to think of aesthetics in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Within a puzzle there are hundreds of important pieces that fit together to make a grand image and each puzzle piece requires a process of development and self-discovery. My aesthetic puzzle pieces include confidence, vulnerability, dynamic, high energy, illusion, and emotional connection. Most of my aesthetic is initiated by personal preference or a significant event in my life, but I will start with the foundation of my dance training first. I was raised in the dance studio where I regularly practiced ballet, jazz, tap, musical theatre, and contemporary. I was blessed to have the opportunity to explore multiple genres of dance at a young age and as a result of this, I began my aesthetic development with a very versatile palette of movements and interpretations.
My aesthetic started to develop during high school and it wasn’t related to the art of dance, at least not at first glance. Growing up as a minority with little diversity in my hometown, I often heard the name-calling and the bullying behind my back. Bullying rose many emotions to the surface that I had never experienced before. It motivated me to use dance as a form of therapy and it also introduced me to vulnerability within my movement. After some time and development I
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