My Personal And Academic Life

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Famous professional boxer, Muhammad Ali, once said, “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.” My lifelong ambitions revolve around this central idea of striving and determination. By continuously encountering both positive and negative situations, I have still managed to stay aggressive and strong. This will help me learn that each step I take now and in the future dictates the progress in my life. Society always talks about how one can stay motivated and strive for success throughout life, but there seems to be more than that than said. Many individuals try to reach a state of perfection, however, they are just as concerned describing their strengths as they are describing their weaknesses. These strengths and weaknesses are defined and shaped by our everyday actions and behavior in both the academic and secular world. Aside from thinking about education and success, I am focused on great visions that will fundamentally help me live prudently. I have faced many challenges in my personal and academic life that have provided life learning lessons and experiences for me to learn from and bring change. These experiences and lessons have ignited a new spark in my life that will present fresh signs of a new hope, with a deeper significance, broader experience, and more commitment. In addition to being motivated and possessing the desire to succeed, it is imperative that we always maintain faith throughout our lives. Faith has played a prominent role in my life in that it

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