My Personal And Professional Development

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Impact statement

This statement is a reflective account of my scientific knowledge, skills, experience and qualities acquired both from previous qualifications and learning that have contributed to my overall personal and professional development.
I grew up in India where I was lucky enough to have been educated in one of the best schools (Presentation Convent High School) which promoted a healthy, competitive and challenging learning environment. It offered a good equilibrium of academic and extra-curricular opportunities. Getting involved in such activities transformed me as a motivated and resourceful individual who excel in situations where imagination and initiative are called for. I obtained my Bachelors is Sciences and then Master’s in Physics from Jammu University, India and was offered a full-time lecturing position after my graduation at the MBS college of Engineering. This was the beginning of my teaching career; I was thus given the opportunity to gain lecturing experience in higher education teaching physics and Engineering to A-level and Undergraduate students.
As this had been my first teaching position, I was thrown at the deep end and the learning curve was surely steep. This one year of teaching in the well-known institution enabled me to keep acquainted of new developments in the field of physics and Engineering, taught me to be certain and accurate of my factual knowledge and challenged me to be more analytical and creative in my approach to…
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