My Personal And Team Accomplishments

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In FY 15, my personal and team accomplishments have demonstrated excellent competencies in communication, customer service, representing the agency, teamwork and cooperation, technical proficiency, leadership and managerial proficiency. I provided excellent quality customer service, contributed and met USCIS mission through collaboration with team members, staff from multiple directorates and within OP&S. I provided critical leadership and management to IFRET members; generated a positive and productive work environment to allow effective communication between team members, RED chiefs, relevant OP&S staff and external stakeholders to ensure IFRET’s work products met USCIS highest standards. I reviewed, planned, coached, facilitated and collaborated on multiples work products with team members and supervised the work of contractors. Many products involved multiple reviews and collaborations efforts. In particular, the final JBS report, required continual and excellent communication with and collaborations from contractors, stakeholders and staff to complete the final product on time and within budget. In sum, I have successful managed and led the team to complete projects and activities outlined by the three-year strategic plan that met agency’s missions and goals. My FY15 accomplishments and selected activities are listed below.

A. Projects Achievements
1. Qualitative Study of Marriage-Based Benefit Fraud o Successfully managed and led a team of
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