My Personal Career And Continued Professional Practice

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This essay is concerned with my personal development and continued professional practice through the skills that have been enhanced this year. Firstly reflecting on my personal development, considering what my original expectations were and how it has changed. Whilst discussing self esteem and the experiences of over coming challenges whilst making friends and how that has impacted my learning. Secondly the focus on professional development, time management skills that have been improved as well as ICT and organizational skills. It considers Gibbs (1988) and Kolb (1984) reflective cycle and Charles Cooley 's looking glass theory (1964) and how this reflects on my practice. Lastly discussing how my personal pedagogy has been transformed into knowledge gained from theoretical frameworks expressing an understanding of different psychology schools such as Piaget (1936) cognitive development and Vygotsky (1978) Social Development theory. Furthermore considering, Bowlby (1973) attachment theory and Bronfenbrenner (1979) bio-ecological system and there impact on Early Years development. Finally concluding with how the knowledge gained in this degree course has determined my personal pedagogy as well as my future plans. Prior to the commencement of this course I had preconceived ideas of what the work load would be, based on previous courses taken. The notion of being given all the information and advised exactly what to do was my unrealistic expectation for a degree course. A
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