My Personal Code Of Ethic

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My Personal Code of Ethic Personal ethic is what a person believes about morality and right and wrong. Ethic should and can give real and practical guidance to our lives: gives our best rational interests and without sacrificing others. My family, friends, and education have played profound roles in the development of my personal ethic: conscience, personal integrity, responsibility, and egalitarianism. Additionally, these influences approaches to determining what conduct is consistent with these key values. Before I was in elementary school, I was living with my grandparents because of my parents’ work. My grandmother often sent the food to the homeless people, even sometimes they wanted to defraud her money, but she still kept sending the food to them. Likewise, she always taught me to help the poor, the disabled and people who need help, also not hurting others, either in psychological or physiological. My grandmother never went to school, she even does not know how to write her name, but the only thing she has is the conscience. Conscience is a human ability to distinguish right from wrong. Due to the influence of conscience, when you do something wrong, you will feel remorse. It can also be seen in the human conscience to distinguish right and wrong when, as a determination reference values. Through her action, it reminds me that what I had learned in ethics course- Kantianism. Kant says, requires that one possess a good will, the good will is the only unconditional
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