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In this review I will be taking a look at a money-saving project called Digit. Actually, this review is a little different than what I usually write. Digit isn’t a way for you to make, lose, or spend money, but rather a way for you to easily save money!
In fact, I’ve been using Digit to save money for about three months now and I couldn’t be happier. I have more money in savings than I ever would have had I been trying to save on my own. Since I am so happy with what Digit has done for me, I thought I’d share it with you, even though it doesn’t fit squarely in my niche.
However, I figure we all want to save money, so I think you’d all be interested in what Digit has to offer.
Affiliate Disclaimer: You will find a few links to Digit throughout this review. According to my personal Code of Ethics and in order to comply with FTC Compliance Standards, if the link is an affiliate link, meaning I’ll make $5 if you sign up for Digit, it will be followed by “(Aff)”. Don’t worry, I’m not taking advantage of you. I only affiliate myself and earn money from products I would recommend to my closest friends and family. In fact, most websites online are making money from you, they just aren’t disclosing it to you!
Quick Review
Digit is an FDIC insured mobile savings platform created by Hello Digit, Inc. It tracks and analyzes your income and spending to determine exactly how much you can afford to save and when it’s best to save it. Digit then transfers that money to a separate…

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