My Personal Definition Of Conflict

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Although many people avoid conflicts like the plague, they are an important, and often necessary, part of interpersonal communication. If one avoids confronting someone with a problem and instead lets contempt fester, the relationship will suffer and may end. Conflicts have a reputation of bringing out the worst in people, however, this does not have to be the case. If both parties are respectful and understand that while the other person does not see things as they do, they still have a right to their own viewpoints, conflicts can be resolved without much harm to anyone’s feelings. Conflicts can be uncomfortable but they often build stronger relationships. Different individuals have a wide variety of feelings and opinions when it comes to conflicts. Some people enjoy challenging others and having others challenge them. Others would rather never engage in confrontational communication. Personally, I do not enjoy conflicts in the slightest but I also don’t run from confrontation either. I have a respect for conflict and its uses within relationships.
My personal definition of conflict is a disagreement that escalates to something that must be fully hashed out and can either lead to a deepened relationship or a destroyed relationship. Conflicts can last anywhere from a couple of minutes to years to a lifetime depending on the severity. If conflicts arise that involve deeply rooted opinions, they may never be resolved. Most times conflicts lead to negative emotions when there
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