My Personal Definition Of Counseling

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My personal definition of counseling is, Counseling is a professional relationship between the counselor and the client. In the relationship between the counselor and the client, the counselor works with the client to allow the client to feel empowered. A counselor not only works with individuals, but also works with families and groups. In Counseling, the professional also aims to help the client reach Mental Health Wellness goals, or any other goals the client may want to reach such as Career goals. An example of Counseling would be a counselor seeing a client with Anxiety on a weekly basis to try to minimize the clients’ anxiety. Consultation is different than Counseling, I would describe consultation as an interaction between two professionals. One of the professionals is the consultant and the other is the consultee who seeks the consultants help regarding current problems at work. An example of this could be a counselor is unsure which treatment option would be best for a client they are seeing therefore seeks help from a supervisor to discuss the problem. The relationship between Counseling and Consultation is that they both focus around the well being of the client and what the best options for the client would be. Both roles in this case have to posses’ specific skills to be successful in their specific roles. As a Consultant and as a Counselor there are similar skills needed which include: listening, attending, asking questions, clarifying, confronting,…
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