My Personal Definition Of Junior Honor Society

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The Webster’s Dictionary definition of middle school is a school intermediate between an elementary school and a high school, typically for children in the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. My personal definition of middle is the place you lose all your friends you thought were your “BFF’s” and find friends that will stick with you until at least graduation. Not only do you find your true friends, but you find what interests you. I started sports, clubs, and organizations that I never thought I would enjoy. Junior Honor Society, being a water girl for the middle school football team, and finding my true friends were all the ups and downs of my middle school years. As an elementary school student and early middle school student, I never had any plans to join any groups or organizations. I personally had no idea what organizations were available to me. Thankfully, in seventh grade Mrs. Henry and Mrs. Mance started Junior Honor Society in the middle school. I had received a packet stating that I had the attendance, behavior, and most importantly the grades for this organization. I had no idea what Junior Honor Society was, but my mom did and she told me it was a great opportunity so, I turned in my packet. At first, it did not seem important, but this year that is what is always on my mind. I go to every event for JHS, I go to help out with Junior Honor Society every tenth period, and I am always asking how I can help out. Junior Honor Society is definitely a
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