My Personal Definition Of Leadership

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South African social rights activist, Desmond Tutu once said “It is our moral obligation to give every child the very best education possible.” I too, feel a moral obligation to be an advocate for the education of our children. I entered the profession of education knowing that as a teacher I would have a direct impact on possibly hundreds of children’s futures. After educating several classes of children, I know that I will have an even greater impact leading the school as the building principal. Educational leadership is my calling.
I deeply value having a servant, transformative, progressive leaders. The administrators of a school have a significant influence on the school’s success and effectiveness. Miriam Webster Dictionary defines leadership as “the power or ability to lead other people”. Educational leadership is tremendously more involved than basic types of leadership because it has a direct effect on the life-long learning of students. My personal definition of leadership is seeing where an organization currently is, where it needs to go, and developing a plan of action of how to get there. As a leader, I want to be present in the school, observing student learning, evaluating teachers, and giving performance-based feedback. I anticipate these changes to have a constructive and progressive effect on the schools I will work for in the future, but most importantly they would have an ever-lasting effect on the thousands of students that come through the…
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