My Personal Definition Of Leadership

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1. There is no set standard on how a person learns to be a leader. There is no set standard for a proper leadership style or how one person influences another. No one person leads the same either. Some people learn their particular style from reading books; others learn from taking leadership courses. I for one have learned my leadership style from watching and learning from others. I am an observer on how I learn. I remember every single boss I have ever had and I can recall almost everything I liked and did not like about how he/she led. I am no philosopher, so my personal definition of leadership is to do what I think is right to and for others, from what I have learned, and if that does not work, try something different. 2. I feel that when it comes to my personal leadership style, I am a chameleon. The reason for this is that nobody is the same. Trying to motivate an egotistical alpha male is completely different than trying to motivate an introverted timid female. One single style of leadership just will not have the same effect on all people. With the “know it all” alpha male, often times I have to come out of my own comfort zone and be stern, direct and not beat around the bush to get through to the person. This is not my type of personality, but in order to lead this type of person, this is the approach that works many of the times. If I were to try this same approach on a softer timid person, this could ultimately shut them down into their shell and
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