My Personal Definition Of Leadership

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Reflecting on my career, I believe it would be hard for me to imagine my current positions, rank and responsibility in both the fire service and Coast Guard when I began in 1998. Over the years I have had several great mentors who have shaped my perceptions and guided my actions. My parents garner much of the credit of my successes as they raised me with a baseline of values which serves me still today. Those values, my mentors and my experiences have worked to temper my definition of leadership. My personal definition of leadership is the practice of taking people to places (real or figurative) they would likely not go on their own. While this my simplistic view, it is one which I have rallied around in my career. It distinguishes itself from that of a position of management where the parameters are typically set and the rules for success are generally known. When encountering the unknown, or the uncharted territory, those who pioneer practice leadership.

My father was a veterinarian and is one of the most educated and intelligent men I have ever known. He taught me many life lessons over the years, one of which stands out in regards to leadership. When I was growing up, I worked with him in veterinary clinic which had six other doctors. The clinic was very busy which meant each of the doctors would see thousands of patients each year. In observing my father and the other doctors, I noticed a stark difference in how he would approach and solve problems with…
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