My Personal Definition Of Leadership

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Beginning in boot camp and continuing throughout my career, I’ve seen the Coast Guard promote the leadership model to be: “You” influencing “Others” to achieve a “Goal”. With all the different ways leadership can be defined, this simplistic model which has been permanently engrained in my thinking definition still rings true for me. As such, when defining my own personal definition of leadership, I align it to this same model. More specifically, while I support the fact that leadership involves influencing others to achieve a common end I propose that is not the whole story. Leaders must not be stagnant in their vision and must lend themselves to the possibility they may have to adjust their leadership styles depending on the goal. The best leaders are the ones that understand their own personality traits as well as those traits of the people they are trying to lead. 2. One great leader in my career I will always reflect upon as a significant influence to me: an old, grouchy QMC and was my very first Chief. He was quiet, socially awkward, and routinely hard to get along with since his demeanor was never known to be ‘friendly’. However, even with these setbacks, he did not remove himself from the contention as a leader as he most certainly was. He required much of his staff: long hours, attention to detail, inspection-ready uniforms, among others. It may seem ironic, but people were always ready and willing to work for him. The main reason I look to him as being a
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