My Personal Definition Of Nursing

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If a person would ask me to define nursing, I don’t think I would be able to provide a complete explanation. I find it so abstract and too difficult to explain especially if the person questioning is not a colleague. It is so ironic, considering that I have been studying and experiencing nursing for more than seven years in two different countries. It was never a significant issue for me until this course has triggered me to think about it more closely. The focus of this paper is for me to be able to provide a personal definition of our discipline’s fundamental concepts with supporting examples from my own nursing experiences, to attempt in providing a reason for my own definition, and to identify which paradigm it closely signifies. Reflecting upon and analyzing this topic will surely challenge my existing view of nursing which in turn will help me develop the confidence in my own nursing practice.
Concept definitions and meaning perspectives
A person for me is a whole organism comprised of physiological, psychological, social, and spiritual components, making the human person multidimensional. Each component affects and contributes to the wholeness and uniqueness of a person. A clinical example to illustrate this idea is when I had a brief placement in an ICU unit. One afternoon before visiting hours, a female nurse was checking a comatose male client’s vital signs and I heard piano music playing in the background and the nurse was adjusting the curtains
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